We all have our craving,
we won't admit,
because craving is verboten,
it just doesn't fit.

With a balanced lifestyle,
that everyone wants,
but craving sneaks in,
one of our hidden faults.

I crave good food,
and marvel at its taste.
But I know when to stop eating,
my only good grace.

I crave true life stories,
and heroic feats.
I'm not lost in fantasy,
fact always defeats.

I crave knowing more,
about this world and its people.
Dispelling the myths,
and wondering about its sheeple.

I crave communicating,
and not holding in.
Not a private confessional,
or the bullshit of sin.

I crave sleep,
for I don't get enough.
Sleep is my refuge,
the source of my stuff.

And I crave intimacy,
with the opposite sex.
For it is only normal,
and not some damned hex.

Whatever you're craving,
let it come out.
You'll feel all the better,
and cast out all doubt.

Perry the Perv Game

Cartoon from Perry the Perv Game
(I try not to ogle. it’s bad taste)

I must admit I had some trepidation
about writing this and revealing my
weaknesses, but it is no more than
many other poets have done

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