A Country Song

(Dedicated to John Denver)

My life's just a country song,
hop on and ride along.
Ride the rails from dusk till dawn.
Life's just a country song.

Smell the morning new mown hay,
nothing sweeter to greet the day.
Out in the pasture the colt's at play,
chasing those filly blues away.

Hitching a ride by the thumb,
spanning the states with ease.
counting the clouds passing by,
imagining kingdoms in the breeze.


Guitar in hand the vagabond,
weaves his magic with a song.
Sings for his supper all night long,
good friends and a country song.

Mighty rivers flow to the sea,
upstream is where you'll find me.
Seeking to find the river's source,
singing its praises in my verse.

Mighty mountains touch the sky,
I'll be out where eagles fly.
Singing songs of long gone by.
Can you take me home?


In the moonlight she will be,
the only fire light that I see.
Singing songs to keep me home,
so no more will I roam.

We'll marry in the forest glen,
with all our friends gathered in.
I'll sing us songs of our story,
and the good life that has been.

We'll raise the kids to live free,
not much of them will we ask.
Except that they will still love us,
when our time has come to task.



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