Corpus Christi


Body of Christ, jewel by the bay,

West Texas wind, blow my way.

Down dirty and gritty, hot highway.

Carry me away--do it today.


Where dancing heat, caresses the mesquite.

And the wind sculpts the live oak tree.

Take me to that special place.

So far away, by the sea.


Where the warm sea breeze.

Soothes the soul to ease.

And moonlight on the water.

Is free for all to see.


Where countless little corners of peace reside.

And troubles flow out like the tide.

Walk with me, along the sea wall.

Stop at a gazebo; savor it all.


Have a tequila sunrise over the bay.

Try a wild jetty, get wet in the spray.

Watch the wild dolphins, or windsurf away.


Sun on the beach, with ever changing surf.

Shines on beauty, birds, and children in careless mirth.

Worshipping sun, sand, and sea.


Like the sea turtle returns to the exact spot where she was born.

We too, need the return to our life's morn.


Corpus Christi by the sea.

Lies waiting in the sun, for you and me.


Copyright 1997 © Ronald W. Hull 




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