Who put the "con" in fusion anyway?
All I long for is a bright, sunny day.

If we really had the sun’s fusion,
it would all go away.

So we are running wildly around,
like chickens with our heads cut off.

Trying to make a point or buck,
and keep from being laid off.

Keeping up with the latest thing,
showing off all our stuff and bling.

You can wait for Armageddon,
you can wait for the water to rise.

But it's time that you see the truth,
when it's right before your eyes.

It's time to focus in on all the mess,
it's time to work and not to rest.

We must save this planet from ourselves,
we must save this planet like little elves.

Live in the forest with the creatures as one,
stop plundering our legacy for riches won.

Dumping our problem on the next generation,
fighting stupid wars with veneration.

Grow up and face our real fears,
stop running scared with nothing but tears.

Science is hard, but we must prevail,
in science we trust, in faith we fail.

Man's history is long and it is distinct,
time to stand up or become extinct.

Doondsbury on Global Warming

Cartoon Courtesy Doonesbury
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