Where have all the Crack Berrys gone?
Their addictions sold but for a song.

IPhoneys now rule the rage,
but will they ever selfie their age?

The LGable Gee3 is also on the stage,
Will your little finger turn the page?

That Androidian on your ear,
is such a wonderful surprise.

Sam Sung a song of sixpence,
and spread a packet full of lies.

Spread them throughout the Galaxy,
the ICloud in your cloud never dies.

IPad with fingers gently,
on keyboards long gone.

Can draw without a pencil,
and even compose a song.

On the Surface they're all the same,
trying to keep up in the OS game.

You can Kindle your Fire,
but can't contain your ire.

And Googling your Nexus,
won't improve your solar plexus.

Down in the Dell Venue you can't see,
the forest for the pixels in the trees.

But the As(s) in us MeMOs with ease,
bringing the highfalutin to their knees.

Len ovo yer Yoga if yuse please,
will only barrie it to shoot the breeze.

I am through with puttering for today,
got to get back to my 'puter and play.

Ultimate Time Waster

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to help sell the product.  Unfortunately,
leaving these products open to word abuse. ;-)

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