Just got off the phone again,
been on that phone since,
don't know when.

Got on the website right away,
early bird gets the worm,
or so they say.

And then the damn website hung up,
had to re-log into that stupid pup,
a dog's a dog and that's no lie.

Maybe another company,
another website, would do…
So I tried them all…
I emailed them, texted them,
even chatted with a few.

I watched their YouTube pitches,
saw their pop-up window bitches,
and their frequent server glitches.

Their downtime, off-line, excuses.
Their profuse apologies for abuses.
Their use of me for useless uses.

I finally got through paying for a view,
and to my surprise, it was a pack of lies.
I didn't quite know what to do.

So I picked up the phone to make that call,
after four bad numbers with waits for all,
finally got through to ubiquitous Paul.

Apologizing profusely, Paul corrected the matter,
pathetically pattering platitude chatter.

So I am on to challenge the next glitch,
a dollar for each one, and I'd be rich.

Pulling One's Hair Out in Frustration

 Image by Larry Ehl

It seems that while the world is getting
easier to operate from the captain's seat
in your underwear, there still has
glitches that can cause one to wish
to pull one's hair out in frustration. 

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