Come with Me

Come with me, and you will see,
the blue marble ever shinin'.

Come with me, and you will see,
the places where she's dyin'.

Air so thick with smoke, the birds choke,
but they just keep on flyin'.

Ice melting so fast, it will not last,
but polar bears keep on swimmin'.

The rain forest gone, but wild animals live on,
in faraway zoos for their asylum.

Dirt packed and bare, people going nowhere,
except producing babies for the dyin'.

Come with me, to the sea,
a hundred miles of debris floatin'.

Oh what have we done!, Can't you see?
a scene that's got me cryin'.

Big business grows on and on,
oblivious to the end, lyin'.

Come with me, and you will see,
the last of our legacy sighin'.

Come with me, to history,
and tell me that I'm lyin'.

Hurricane Linda off Baja, Mexico

Blue Marble Courtesy

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Hurricane Linda 9/9/97


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