Comes the Sun

Darkness slashed with a sliver of intense light,
as eastern sky turns black to blue bright.

Mist hangs heavy in morning dank bog,
where forest trail disappears into fog.

Sun's new warmth soon dispels mist,
melting the fog from its appointed list.

Dew still coats all leaves, limbs and grass,
sunlight through dew like prism's glass.

Casts rainbows throughout the meadow green,
wet blanket covers creatures seen and unseen.

Provides vital moisture for all concerned,
a reward for a good night sleep's earned.

Warm earth sprouts new seeds and growth,
morning for awakening and creatures' mirth.

Sun climbs high to greet the high noon,
casts shadow small like well heated room.

Late afternoon sun can be oppressively hot,
creatures take shade to nap or not.

Sun goes down in a glowing ember in sky west,
warm day is over; creatures seek shelter, rest.


Sunrise Courtesy

Thought I'd write something sunny for a change.

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