Comes the Rain

Here comes the rain again,
it's come before and will come again,
don't know when it'll stop,
just don't know when.

Water's creeping up to my door,
coming up fast, like before.
Don't know when it'll stop,
seems like every time, there's more.

Keeps rainin' all the time,
since she done left me,
there is no rhyme.
Don't know when it'll stop,
this rainin' on my mind.

Dark and dreary, soggy and wet,
don't know when that I will get,
a day of sunshine in my life,
a day of happiness without strife.

Been so long since I've seen the sun,
been so long since you held me, Hon.
I still don't know what I could've done.
To keep you from raining on me.

So, I'm down soggy in mud and muck,
life for me is a constant suck.
Don't know when I'll get dry again,
sucking on this bottle of dry gin.

Rain, oh rain, stop falling on me,
let me live happy; set me free.
Stop all this dismal, down on me.
Sunshine break through this cloudy mind,
let me bask in your warm glory one more time.

Banish the rain and make me shine.

Left Out in the Rain

Rain © shalynamonika

I'm fine and in a sunny mood. But, people seem to
relate to sad, mopey poems. So, I thought I would
write one for the folks in California, Louisiana
or anywhere someone has lost homes or their love
and can't get them back.

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