Color Me Rainbow

Color me red as a divine rose can be.
Color me thorn bit flowing free.
Color me rampant, rouge in a rage,
roses become petals as they advance in age.

Color me orange on a shiny green tree.
Color me as brassy, bold and bright.
Color my sweet fragrance throughout the night,
tough on the outside; inside juicy and light.

Color me yellow as the daytime sun.
Color me seeking a shade on the run.
Color me transparently bright in the blue,
a delightful submarine song for me and you.

Color me green as a frog on a lily pad.
Color me eyeing the fly on a reed.
Color me jealousy and color me greed,
a syndrome that makes me go to seed.

Color me blue, as the sky is true,
color me mirrored in the sea.
Color me melancholy and affected,
a teardrop depression often reflected.

Color me indigo as a sunset sky.
Color me prune puddin' look in your eye.
Color me deep as love in a sigh,
that sleepy drift where you and I lie.

Color me rainbow if you will,
color me violet on the short grass hill.
Color me as timid, shy and shrill,
violets are not shrinking when giving a thrill.

Double Alaskan Rainbow

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