Cold Warring

The old Cold War is back,
only this time it is hot.
News feeds are burning up,
with stories true or not.

Greed was very good,
for the broke up Soviet Union.
Making billions for the Mafia,
leaving little for the minion.

Business being very very good,
for those who wished to wander.
For those who wished to take a chance,
help rape natural riches and plunder.

Meanwhile, every Russian woman,
wanted to leave the country.
Become a bride and gain some pride,
instead of being tied to bed and pantry.

So now great friends have been cast,
to conquer the world together.
Only to be at each other's throats,
come a new change in the weather.

National security is at stake,
when spies compromise with lies.
Hacking into conspiracies to despise,
manipulative innuendo binds and ties.

Left confused and feeling quite used,
as we listen to the blather.
Our friends are now our enemies,
whatever you like... or rather.

The game goes on and life is long,
the Cold War really doesn't matter.
A single twitch on the nuclear switch,
and the whole thing will go to smatter.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin - NBC news

Buddies at Odds? Photo Courtesy NBC News

I know this sounds a bit cynical, but I hope you
will laugh and think of it as satirical instead.

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