Cognac and Coffee


Cognac and Coffee, I feel so low.

Since you done left me, I've no place to go

Except into this bottle, of spirit so fine;

That helps me near lose my right mind.


Cognac and Coffee, where have you been?

I've tried and tried, not to do it again.

But I hurt so much and you are like wine,

So easy to taste, yet so hard to find.


Cognac and Coffee, roll me slow;

Like new tobacco in paper, let me go.

Savor me, and size me up,

Burn my ash into your coffee cup.


Cognac and Coffee, why do you do me so?

Seduce me sweetly, then let me go.?

Why do you do me this way?

Make me throw my life away.


Night comes easier than the day;

When the first cup of coffee,

Can't drive the taste of Cognac away.


 Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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