Been peddling for some  long time,
time to coast and make some rhyme.

Head out for the coast,
play the music I love most.

On the road again.

On the road to who knows when,
coasting with my new old friend.

Don't you remember just around the bend,
where you can't go home again?

Coasting since who knows when.

The coast is where I want to be,
where the sun shines bright o're the sea.

Live off the land and be free,
in the land of golden opportunity.

That will never be again.

Been on this road since who knows when,
coasting ideals from glen to glen.

With sparkling pure waters from within,
the new gold of opportunity.

Becoming a desert again.

Stuck on this road to the coast,
coasting along like a ghost.

From the land that never was,
coasting along just because,

it will never be again, my friend,
… never again.

Coasting over the rat race

My most often searched poem is
"Relaxing." I thought I would write
something similar, but different.

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