The Cloud

Crying out loud, it's in the cloud!
Every little indiscretion ever allowed.
Every little selfie, sext, show off proud.
Every little nuance, negativity cow towed.
Bringing your ego down permanently bowed.

Did you ever notice that heaven is in a cloud.
That magic carpets float like a cloud.
That the gentle rain that falls comes from a cloud.
That if it weren't for ice crystals there'd be no cloud.
Then, why is it so damned important, crying out loud?

Cuz the cloud is omnipresent like God in the sky.
No need to ask where it is; or even to ask why?
The cloud is your big brother, looking after you.
Just trust in the cloud like God, and you won't be blue.
Because you lost all your passwords and your email, too.

That good old cloud will just restore them to you.

But there's no free lunch and you must pay the price.
For all of this good service to be free would be nice.
And who knows what happens to your little life slice.
That's up there in the cloud for analysts to dice.
So they know everything about you... Suffice?

The cloud has us entering a whole new age.
What once we could keep secret is now on the page.
Is this good or bad? The arguments still rage,
but the handwriting on the cloud does not age.
Handwriting on the cloud grows at every stage.

So, the cloud already has us in its wispy grip.
We can't quite grasp it, but the cloud has a whip.
That will keep us in line as we Google and dip,
into places we shouldn't go and wouldn't give lip.
The cloud, all knowing, already has our nasty clip.

So, what are you worried about? Crying out loud!
Relax, enjoy, we are all in the same family proud.
Before the cloud, most of us wouldn't even be allowed.

We are all on the same plane; just relax and refrain.

Cloud Computing border=

Cloud Computing -- Source Unknown

The Internet cloud has crept up on most of us. While the cloud
has the advantages of keeping our records we are very lax about
keeping, and makes it easy to keep track of everything, the
negative side is that all of that junk about us is now in huge
databases that are being mined for everything about us there is.
The old-fashioned idea of privacy is gone.
And that may be a good thing.

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