The Clock Ticks On...

One tenth of the century gone,
and the clock ticks on.
What have we learned,
in the new century's dawn?

We learned that hatred,
is just around the block.
When the twin towers fell,
like Jack in the Beanstalk.

We learned that war,
can be unexpected.
When shock and awe,
toward us, is deflected.

We relearned the danger,
of going to and from space.
But we must press on,
To find our place.

We learned making money,
is not what it seems.
When we are caught up,
in Ponzi schemes.

We learned that warming,
like a tropical isle.
Can bring us disaster,
and a new lifestyle.

We learned that America,
is not the center of power.
When we bow to Asia,
and its economic tower.

We learned that hurricanes,
cost more than we can pay.
with billions in damage,
and millions in harms way.

We learned that tsunamis,
come from earthquakes.
And the millions more die,
then when the earth just shakes.

We learned that the economy,
can be brought down by greed.
The signs were everywhere,
but no one would heed.

We learned that a black man,
would be allowed to lead.
But will he overcome,
the racism of hatred and creed?

Will we be ready,
when the next surprise comes along?
Only time will tell,
and the clock ticks on.

Frost on a Lonely Cabin

Limp Clocks Courtesy Salvador Dali


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