Clean Page

White on white is all the rage,
nothing prettier than a clean page.
Where one can start over,
with the wisdom of a sage,
where one can start over,
start a new age.

Leave the clutter of verbiage behind,
the twitter and texture of whimper and whine.
The incessant roar of nonsense chat,
the picture me this and picture me that.

What's love got to do with it anyway,
the lady sings to show us the way.
Silly mood swings and saccharine lies,
wasting time while precious time flies.

Time to start over with a clean slate,
it's easy to do and never too late.
Check your ideological point of view,
is it someone else's or is it you?

If it's someone else's, time to reflect,
write on that clean page a reality check.
Is "follow our cause" what you want to do?
Or is it that you really want a new you?

So get busy today, on busy in your life.
Who needs aggravation? All that strife?
Start over clean, and start over right,
start over clear, start day or start night.

But do start over, on that clean page.
You'll feel a great burden lifted,
and younger than your age.

You'll feel free for thinking and creating,
your new life. Cut that umbilical cord,
with your thoughts and words like a knife.

Write your own story as you go along,
Sing as you write. your own tune, your own song.
Nothing can stop you after you're free.
You will fear nothing and love all you see.

So what's the holdup? Don't hesitate.
Erase that hard drive, before it's too late.
You've only got this precious life to live,
time's flowing through it like a sieve.

Start over today and make a breakthrough,
tomorrow, refreshed, you'll wake up a new you.

 Sea Change Scroll

Sea Change Scroll

Some of us have built a life of clutter
and complexity without focus and purpose
except to please others. Sometimes, all we
need is self-examination and starting over to
feel better about ourselves.

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