There were two

Circus of Souls

A circus of souls rode out one day,
rode out not to work, not to play.

They rode towards the sun in their eyes,
blinding them to the truth and the lies.

Eventually, they came to the land of despair,
thought they would take refuge and linger there.

But there was no food nor water to drink,
this place called despair into to sink.

So they left despair on walking feet,
seeking out justice and not defeat.

They came to the land of milk and honey,
squandered it all for the love of money.

They eventually settled in a state of innui,
where all was bland and full of hooey.

In spite of all this, the circus carried on,
as the souls caroused from dusk to dawn.

Ultimate Confinement of the Mind

Scene from Carnival of Souls, a 1962 Horror Cult
Classic Courtesy Confessions of a Film

Just a thought I had on the spur of the moment.
For all you souls out there to contemplate.

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