My name is Minh Chow,
I live by the docks in Macau,
My establishment Chow's Chow.
floats on an ancient dhow,
I do not serve cow.

But I do serve the rat,
ratty, tat tat. lickety-split.

I have the chickie flied lice,
It is oh, oh, so velly nice.

We have the pressed duck,
run over yesterday fresh truck.

Sweet-and-sour pork,
must eat with chopstick,
we have no fork.

Thousand year old egg,
dog found yesterday,
in city dump, he gag,
Very tasty but not cheap.

And my special Chow's chow mein,
muchy better my Chow's chop suey,
Likey much better my cousin, Huey.

Served up in hurry, lickety-split,
If you no likey, you go take a shit.

With two, you get egg roan.

As the Italians say, leaving the boat,
"Ciao, Chow's Chow."

Le Dhow Restaurant, Rabat, Morocco

Le Dhou Restaurant Courtesy Rabat Morocco

I was watching our lovely local KHOU 11 TV
anchor the other day with a similar name and
got this screwy idea. My apologies to the
Chinese and all those fabulous Chinese
restaurants that are ubiquitous around
the world with English menusÉ A lifesaver
in a foreign land where one does not know
the language. Chinese English and their
food spoken everywhere.

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