Chinese Bubble

There is a bubble growing,
in the most populous country,
on the Earth.

Its expansion is like a cancer,
like an appetite too big,
for its massive girth.

It is unbridled capitalism,
running rampant in,
a socialist communist state,
that does not know it's worth.

It's all bribery and corruption,
that fuels the expanding waste.

While the environment and safety,
are ignored in the haste.

To prove to the world that,
its people have power,
when surfs from the countryside,
work slave wages per hour.

Where cities are built,
to house a new class,
that is not growing,
but stuck in the past.

Where the rich get richer,
with a communist nod.
While the poor have no peas,
only eat the pod.

Who lives in these cities,
so vacant and rare?
Only the rats,
people are nowhere.

For who can afford,
to live this great life?
When you come from a place,
full of hunger and strife.

Humpty Dumpty sits on the Great Wall.
Humpty Dumpty is in for a fall.
When Humpty Dumpty loses it all,
will all the world's economies follow?

Are we the ones who will have to swallow?
The demise of the great one, so hollow?

Chinese Ghost Town

A Chinese ghost town

There are an estimated
64 million vacant homes in China costing 14
times the average Chinese worker’s ability
to own.  Over building and debt may bring
China’s booming economy down.


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