Chill in the Air

There is a chill in the air,
as evening falls.

Everything is dying,
as winter, close by, calls.

The smell of rotting leaves,
is pungently real.

A creepy crawlly feeling,
begins to steal.

Into hearts and minds,
now having to deal.

With death and disease,
imagined or real.

As the night sounds,
of the wolf and the owl.

Put fear in hearts,
with the hoot and the howl.

And the wind plays tricks,
with the clank and the yowl.

Insane in their fright,
redemption they call.

For this one night,
they give their all.

But death still comes stalking,
without remorse.

And the wind howls,
in due course.

For there is no escaping,
winter's wrath.

Reminders are everywhere,
along the path,

to death.


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