Cat and Mouse Christmas

Three nights before Christmas,
a storm front came through.
It snowed all the night long,
and a mighty wind blew.

From behind the refrigerator,
a shivering mouse appeared.
In the wee hours of the morning,
before dawn's light dare neared.

Lured by the bright lights,
shining in the living room, afar.
The mouse cautiously scampered forth,
past the dining room bar.

Rounding the corner into the light,
fireplace embers still warm with glow.
He could smell nuts and seeds, and,
with an evergreen sneeze, let go.

To his startling sight, a tree so bright,
covered with ornaments and sparkling pearls.
And far beneath packaged with wreath,
treasures wrapped in ribbons and curls.

The mouse could not resist his urge,
and scampered quickly across the room.
hiding amid the boxes and bows,
under the bright lights in the shadows' gloom.

Sesame seeds and nuts like beads,
told the mouse where to chew.
He caught a faint sound, coming around,
and stopped, just before he broke through.

To the mouse's horror, across the floor,
came a cat, stealthily stalking.
He dived from sight, from the bright light,
as quiet as toys in the Christmas stocking.

The cat was intent on a wondrous scent,
that beckoned her beyond her control.
innocent eyes had placed that prize,
wrapped around a scratching pole.

Purring like mad, she approached with a glad,
look of Cheshire content on her smile.
Clawing and biting, the cat tasted her 'nip,
and then rolled on the floor for a while.

The mouse watched in surprise, and surmised,
that that cat was no threat to he.
He proceeded to chew and soon,
he knew, the taste of Christmas to be.

Both cat and mouse enjoyed,
the good tidings of Christmastide,
until both were both sated and sublime.
So ready for that sleepy sleigh ride.

With the embers near her head,
the cat curled up to sleep.
The mouse followed soon,
in the wane of the moon,
and joined the cat in her bed.

Cat and Mouse  

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Copyright 2010 © Ronald W. Hull


When the children came down,
to admire their last evenings' work.
They broke out in laughter, joy,
smiling, and even a smirk.

For before their very eyes,
Kitty was curled up in sleep.
Like the lion and the lamb,
the mouse she did keep.

On her belly as comfy as he could be,
the mouse was enjoying for all to see.
The best Christmas present ever,
in the faces of the children's glee.