Car Wars


Once, in a Galaxy,

Far, far away.

Long ago,

And, in another day. 


The '99s were on their way out.

And the '00s held sway.

Whether to buy new or not,

Cash, credit, or lease today. 


All steel and glass and rubber,

They multiplied before our eyes.

Fanned out over highway and byway,

And poisoned the skies.


On a diet, they grew smaller,

And more plastic too.

Econoboxes in a row,

What were we to do? 


Why buy a sport utility,

And rise above the crowd.

Pay the price of vanity,

For crying out loud.


The buggy ruled the Nineteenth,

Only to be denied.

By the end of the Twentieth,

Everyone had a ride.


There wasn't another spot,

To put up a parking lot.

Two-dimensional physics was verified,

Every time cars collide.


In the Twenty-first a whirly gig came to play--

Three dimensional in its way.

And the genus, car, died.

Progress is never denied.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull




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