Carrot or Stick?

Every child comes into the world,
with wonders to behold.
A curiosity unbounded,
soaking up new from the old.

Eyes open to dancing light,
fingers feel everything with delight.
Every sense comes alive,
craving attention through the night.

Some mothers find it so hard,
to meet their baby's every need.
Getting anxious, frustrated and angry,
danger signs they can't seem to heed.

And fathers also are to blame,
when all they do is plant their seed.
And then, leave nurturing all to her,
a kind of dangerous, selfish greed.

Crawling brings a whole new world,
within a child's eager, wandering grasp.
Hands reach out and mouths taste,
sometimes, inviting a dangerous, gasp!

A child's misstep can be met with love,
or it can be met with anger and pain.
Why do we curtail simple curiosity?
With punishment and with shame?

So, how we treat a child from early on,
quite often determines their later fate.
When we ignore their eager questions,
beating for what could make them great.

Later, we blame their teachers,
for not setting our children straight.
When it was us who ignored their needs,
by teaching them ignorance and hate.

Psychologists have found the carrot,
properly leading our children right,
gives them a sense of accomplishment,
a confidence creating personal might.

Psychologists have found the stick,
when applied in anger, frustration or fright,
restricts the child's ability to reach out,
making them less likely to see the light.

So, every time you pick up the stick,
remember what these words have said.
Would you rather have a bright wild child,
or obedient with subliminal hate instead?

Motivation From Both Ends

Kids are not donkeys. Source of this image is unknown.

Looked at the carrots on my lunch plate.
My eyesight and insight immediately
improved, and I wrote this poem.

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