Calm on the Western Front

There's a real need for calm on the Western front.
The battle is over and the anger is spent.

A time for examining what was right or wrong.
A time for healing and singing a different song.

Big problems are pressing from the land and the sky.
Largely ignored as months, years and decades go by.

While we squabble over personality, scandal, money and fame.
The world keeps turning; these problems keep yearning;
and everybody should already know... who is to blame.

We all want more and take more than we need or give.
Greed has riddled our planet until it's looking like a sieve.

When big problems appear we ignore them or lie,
nobody wants blood on their hands taking their piece of pie.

In the aftermath of the battle we have to decide,
do we feather our nest further or take the good side.

Do we demean who we think are the lesser of us?
Or do we lift them up to our level without any fuss?

The calm will not last if we continue to bicker,
while big problems get bigger, wider and thicker.

When they come down upon us even with much warning,
will we pull out our guns and shoot until we are mourning?

The choice is quite clear and the task is at hand.
It's time to roll up our sleeves and bring true calm,
to everyone, able to excel or not, in this great land.

 April 1865, Cold Harbor Virginia after the battle

April 1865. "Cold Harbor, Virginia.

Collecting remains of dead on the battlefield after the war."
Memento mori. Wet plate by John Reekie.

The people have spoken through their vote for who they want to
make the right decisions that will benefit everyone in this
country. But the whole world quickly is becoming our home and
watching. Calm and dedicated hard work is what is necessary to
face the problems of global warming, clean drinking water,
healthy food and the poisoning of our air, land and oceans with
our wide-ranging activity and insatiable unnecessary consumption.

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