By the River


Got to get down by the river.

Got to get down by the water's side.

Got to free all my passions.

Got to let those tensions slide.


Off my back like a duck sheds water,

Gett'n back where I oughter.

Down, down by the riverside,

Where I can cast off my pride. 


And sink my feet in the primal ooze,

And take a spring day snooze.

While a fish nibbles on my line,

And life is so sublime.


Like a picnic on a sunny day,

When clouds above paint away,

Dreams for the keen eye to see.

And I can picture thee.


Cast in white on deep blue light,

And my mind's so free.

Down by the river,

That's where I'd be.


Wouldn't you?


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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