I saw a butterfly flutter by.
I watched its wings beat and wondered why?
How such a delicate creature could fly?

That things so fragile and so full of beauty,
can casually drift about and do their duty.

Fueling on nectar so carefree,
Magic in the sunshine for all to see.

They seem to defy the rules of flight.
Use the wind acrobatically to our delight.

Weather storms and mighty hail,
how can something so strong, look so frail?

And the magical color of their wings.
Mosaic design with iridescent things.

Eyes appear where they deceive,
on wings of finest warp and weave.

Like birds, they tend to flock together,
creating whirlwinds of colorful feather.

One of nature's finest design,
from worm to wonder, down the line.

Who are we to destroy this beautiful creature?
Learning a new way of flight,
the butterfly, our teacher.

Giant  Swallowtail

Image ©William Vann EduPic.net

From time to time, I stop writing and
just watch the butterflies that come
to our lantana and other flowers.
It is simply amazing to watch them
fly and see how skillfully they are
and colorful as they go about
their task of feeding themselves
from nectar. Amazingly hardy,
considering the violence of weather.

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