A Buffalo Soldier’s  Saga

Buffalo soldier, where are you from?
Buffalo soldier, are you on the run?

“I come from a land far cross the sea,
Dagara warrior, tall, proud and free. 
I come from a land with wonders to behold,
Full of creatures wild, free and bold. 

A land where my brother betrayed me. 
Trussed me up like a caged monkey. 
Sold me to the White devils in the square,
Then piled me into a ship to nowhere. 

I come from a terrible crossing of sea. 
For days I could not eat or see the sky. 
In pain and suffering I thought I would die,
Upon reaching this land I could but lie. 

I come from a market where I was but chattel,
They paraded me out, like I was fine cattle. 
‘How much do you bid for this fine buck?’
My whole fate depended on ‘who bought me’ luck. 

They hauled me off, bound to the plantation
Massa James beat, and starved me to submission.
I picked for him a fine cotton crop,
But when I ran, I couldn't stop. 

I joined the Blue coats and fought Johnny Reb.
From White's Ranch, Larkinsville, and the Gap.
With bloody bare hands I fought for my ground.
This Dagara warrior ran Old Dixie down.

Now that the big war is over,
Sioux call me the ‘Buffalo Soldier’.
With the 9th Cavalry I do ride,
My horse and good men by my side. 

I long for my family and tribesmen who died.
Killing Indians is sad and I can’t abide.
I am still running with nowhere to hide. 
I'll ride till I die, with good men by my side.” 

Ride, Buffalo Soldier, ride!  Into history, ride,
With good men by your side.

9th Calvery charge by Bjorklund, 1970.

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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