What a joke,
My world is broke. 
My safety net's come undone. 

I am hanging by a thread,
To keep from crashing on my head,
All the parts must work as one. 

My wheelchair won't back up,
Didn’t spill my coffee cup.
The joystick's just on the blink. 

New controller box is what I need. 
No time to reflect and read.
Credit card’s on the brink.

The freezer, it won't freeze,
And the icemaker won’t make ice. 
A new refrigerator would be nice. 

The range's oven is rusted out. 
Two burners are in doubt. 
Could use a new one without thinking twice. 

Front wheels wobbling on the road,
Right front tire about to explode. 
A new tire will suffice. 

Siding is coming off the house,
Pushing nails to holes the size of a mouse. 
Holes to let them and the mold in. 

New siding is expensive,
The manufacturer is defensive.
And mold abatement is the cost of sin. 

My computer's drive was shot,
Foiled the back up, lost a lot. 
When am I gonna win?

My primary helper needs a break. 
Just a hiatus for my sake. 
All my money her replacements take. 

Now the stock market is down the tubes,
I sat frozen, like so many rubes. 
It isn’t a joke --I am broke

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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