Pumpkin noggin, hobgoblin, boo!
I'd watch out, if I were you.

Scarecrow, scare show, boo-hoo!
Don't cry, little one, if you're not blue.

For there are things that go bump in the night.
For there are things that will give you great fright.

But don't cry, my little one.
Halloween is all about fun.

Trick-or-treats! Money or eats!
Treat me right and I'll treat you feats.
Treat me wrong and you'll be blue,
for I am a trickster, through and through.

But don't venture out in the dark wood,
the bogeyman is waiting, and he is not good.

You can tell where he is by the hoot of the owl,
or the scent trail that he leaves, ever so foul.

Out in the distance, the wolf will howl,
telling you there are secrets that devour.

Fear not, little one, in the Casper sheet,
for you are protected by your little feet.

You can run like the wind, to escape the beast,
but you can't outrun, your bellyache from the feast.

Beware, if you eat too much sweet candy,
you won't sleep tight, you won't sleep dandy.

You won't sleep at all in the middle of the night,
when monsters come forth to give you a fright.

Black cat, witch's hat, flyaway broom, moon.
Your little head is spinning, and so is the room.

That'll teach you for being so goody greedy.
No more candy for you, for you are so needy.

Of a good whipping for eating too much.
But the nightmare will do in an apple crunch.

So that next time, when Halloween rolls around,
you'll sneak through the neighborhood without a sound.

And scare little kiddies with a well-timed, "Boo!"
So the legend will continue for all who you knew.

Scarecrow Rites - Halloween

Scarecrow Rites -

A Halloween poem for all
you kids out there,
regardless of age.


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