Beh with Bluebonnets

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Bluebonnet Spring

Washington on the Brazos,
springtime come around.
Hear the old coyote call,
carrion to be found.

Here where the birth of Texas,
a republic carved by men.
From wilderness to ranches,
and back to the wild again.

Vultures on the carcass,
of an armadillo gone wrong.
Yellow mustard fills the distance,
while the mockingbird sings its song.

Paints on the fence line,
galloping just for fun.
Enjoying the springtime feast,
as mustangs have always done.

Indian paintbrush on the hillsides,
an orange blanket to behold.
Coloring the landscape artistry,
natural brushstrokes Van Gogh bold.

Primroses peeking here and there,
as if lesser than the rest.
But primroses have a secret,
they can out survive the best.

Around the bend at Chapel Hill,
the long sought-after blue is found.
Bluebonnets cover the distance,
in a sea without a sound.

A pleasant breeze is wafting,
o're the magnificent, peaceful scene.
There's hardly any place on earth,
like a bluebonnet spring.

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush on 105 near Brenham, TX

Photos by Beh

We took a long delayed return to
Chapel Hill, Washington on the
Brazos, Old Navasota Road,
and Brenham for fabulous
spring wildflowers on April 2.

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