Blue-Green Waters

Blue-green waters call to me,
although I'm far from the sea.

Primal thoughts urge me on,
like the sun chases the dawn.

Like the moon creates the tides,
my love of the sea waits… abides.

Hides… until that wondrous day I see,
and remember… so clearly.

The place of my lowly birth,
on this heavenly, wondrous Earth.

That I call my home,
and am so free to roam.

It makes me warm,
when the blue-green waters form.

In my mind's eye,
A reflection of the sky.

For it is from,
This tepid, fertile bath.

That I emerged,
to tread my path.

Salt water still running,
in my veins.

Then on those cold dark nights, all alone,
I dream again of my blue-green home.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island, 4/27/08

Stingray City
Grand Cayman Island


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