Feeling kind of, blah, blau or blue today.
How about you? Ennui, too?
The weather is halfway everything,
a little cloudy, dreary, rainy, blue.

There are tax reports, emails to delete,
want to stay in bed, and off my feet.

I've got the blahs there ain't no doubt,
it sure ain't the flu that's got me down.
Don't feel like writin', world's a frown.

Too many nasty little tasks to do,
and my equipment keeps breakin',
as I do--damn updates, too.
Just when I get 'em working right,
updates turn the screw.

So, I'll just muddle through,
and wait for a sunny day,
to come along to melt,
these blahs away.

Snoopy feeling rather blah

Snoopy Feeling Blah Courtesy

I am trying to hire a new person with so many
applicants to sort through, so will have to cut
back on my AD activity and writing until it's
over, like my taxes and this dreary weather and
computer upgrades that are driving me crazy. What's new?

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