I believe in Bigfoot,
I heard the news today.
I believe in Bigfoot,
and, I am on my way.

When I first saw that movie,
I couldn't believe my eyes.
A creature as big as Yeti,
'neath the California skies.

It was a miracle when I saw it,
for the Saquatching camera never lies.
There are things we cannot understand,
that exist and are twice our size.

So many people have seen him,
I know Bigfoot must be true.
There even was a movie about him,
he's just like me and you.

His footprints are everywhere,
in the deep, dark woods he hides.
Sasquatchy shares this earth with us,
he'll show us when he decides.

For he is much smarter than we are,
to evade us for so long.
He's probably from another planet,
to be so big and so strong.

The DNA evidence is in,
and samples, they abound.
That prove, without a doubt,
that Bigfoot has been found.

A noted scientist was converted,
I saw her confess witness on TV.
The documentary converted millions,
for all the scientific world to see.

So, I believe in Bigfoot,
I will carry the torch for he.
I'll search the forest the world over,
to find where he will be.

And if you still do not believe,
I really pity thee,
for he is great, and you are late,
to join the multitude, Bigfoot and me.


Please don't write me that you agree.
This is satire. Try substituting your favorite
religious mythical character for Bigfoot.


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