Best Intentions

Christmas is that time of year,
when best intentions magically appear.
Do we have them throughout the year,
or do we have them just from fear?

Fear that we have neglected faith?
Fear that we might lose friends?
Fear that we have not made amends?
Fear that we are somehow failing?

And so we shower loved ones with gifts.
Have family squabbles and other rifts.
We empty our pockets with lively cheer,
not thinking about the coming year.

But what about those that are left out?
Ones that are hungry and live in doubt?
Unseen millions with no Christmas cheer,
and then, those who wasted another year.

Can you leave your friends and buddies to party,
go forth and serve the needy and hungry?
Save the money you spent on expensive things,
pay the bills or spread joy that sings.

Do you have carried out best intentions?
Or do you just have honorable mentions?

Reminder of Your Intentions

Reminder © Gary Arthur at

Christmastime has become a time for partying
and showing off, spending lavishly and foolishly,
while best intentions fall by the wayside. If you
would like to honor baby Jesus on this time of
the year. All you have to do is ask yourself,
"What would Jesus be doing?"

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