Bending Words

The English language is so damned rich,
Can you say, " damn?" Can you say, " bitch? "

You bet your sweet bippy, you can. 
Language is just like Spam. 

I love to bend words,
It's what I do. 

Add a little here,
Take a little, too. 

Webster be damned,
It's what I do. 

Rhyming is hard. 
It can be a bitch. 

So I bend a word here, or there,
To make it rich. 

It can be quite contrived,
Even boring, to you.

Pushing words around,
Making them what they ain’t. 

Every once in awhile,
Shines through a Saint.

Do I change the language, true?
You bet your sweet bippy, I do. 

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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