Below Zero

The sun is shining bright,
but it's cold in this room.
I should be smiling from it,
but I'm under a gray gloom.

I've tried so hard,
these last few years.
But haven't succeeded,
except my worst fears.

I got that pink slip,
to my great surprise.
I thought I was their best worker,
but it was all a pack of lies.

I went on unemployment,
and it helped for a while,
but my wife left me and took the kids,
so it's hard for me to smile.

I applied and applied for many a job,
went online and tried to hobnob,
turned down by too many to remember,
finally got work in late September.

Its sales on commission,
and I'm not selling much.
Spending more time on contacts,
trying to keep in touch.

It's cold in this room,
and they've cut off the heat.
It won't be very long,
and I'll be on the street.

They say it's below zero,
but will be better next week.
I've been below zero so long,
I feel tired and so weak.

If I make it to spring,
maybe I'll feel better,
but I can't count on anything,
in this kind of weather.

Below Zero - Nat Geo TV

Image from National Geographic
TV Show, Below Zero

I'm fine. I just think that the weather
is a great metaphor for the situation
many wage earners find themselves
in today with the rapid  redistribution
of wealth from the middle class to the
wealthy, creating over half of the
working population with no net worth--
the unemployed and working poor.

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