Is beauty more than skin deep?

Or just what we've sown to reap?

Can we make a more beautiful tree?

Can we make a more beautiful thee.


The power of natural selection,

Can't be denied.

The strongest, smartest, and most beautiful,

Survive, reproduce, and thrive.


But beauty's always been in the eye of the beholder.

And gems appear, here and there, of even finer view.

And, odd as it may seem,

Exotic, even strange, defines beauty too. 


But we're not sure,

If we're beautiful enough.

So we cover, primp, and trim,

Trying to keep up,

With that perpetually changing "in".


Aging and nature conspire,

To rob us of our youth and beauty.

Modern medicine to the rescue,

As if it was its duty. 


To make us young and beautiful again;

Regardless of the cost.

What's mere money anyway,

When compared to beauty lost?


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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