Batty Boo

Had bats in his belfry,
ghouls in his shoes.
Wise owl just winked,
as the witches abused.

Cackling clowns came out,
in a bloody mist that night.
Ghosts appeared just ghastly,
in the eerie pink half-light.

Kiddies were all dressed up,
in expensive costume delight.
Little knowing what awaited,
on the street lit just right.

Skeletons rattled picked clean,
cartooned bleach white bones.
While in the treetops hiding,
tortured regurgitated moans.

Wizard orchestrated mayhem,
flew out of the worth.
Content in the belfry,
bats gave it girth.

In the final hour,
the victims arose.
Kiddies not coming home,
that's the way it goes.

Vicious Looking Bat Is an Insect Eater

New bat, Hypsugo dolichodon, showing off its remarkable canines
only used for catching and eating insects.
Photo by: Judith L. Eger. News

Just a little wacky batty spoofy fun for Halloween

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