Backyard Drama

Sparrows fornicating on the fence.
Not the only ones offending,
without paying any rents.

Squirrel sneaks in on the sly,
birdfeeder seeds catch his eye,
dangling by his hindlegs from on high,
snatches seeds and spits them, bye.

Mockingbird sees that squirrel on the fence,
chases him relentlessly for that offense.
Has his own stash of asparagus fern seed.
Carefully rations the red berries to his need.

A sparrow returns with three larger chicks,
pecks at the bread, and then feeds her young,
regurgitating starch, some for each one.
"Yummy, mommy, can I have some?"

Mourning doves arrive to peck on the bread,
they built a nest, must keep their chicks fed.
A whole generation of birds now obese,
so fat they can't fly... what have we done?
Coo...coo... my oh, my... fat fun...!

Cat sneaks in to get his due, while a
mourning dove escapes into the window.
Dazed on the fence to gather its composure,
the bird somehow survives innuendo.

A cardinal thinks he has cardinal rule,
sees himself in the window and chases the fool.
Hits the window many times in anger,
the fool fools himself, sexy gang banger.
Lucky he doesn't die, the doppelgänger

High on the wire a peregrine watches.
His nest is near, hidden in pine swatches.
Though never seen making a kill,
his chicks always get fed their fill.

Mud hens awkwardly fly to the line.
With orange legs gawkingly,
skewed out of time,
what reason, their ryhme.

Jihad has arrived from the sky,
large white splotches acidify,
on shiny new paint jobs,
"here's mud in your eye."

Cardinal attacks himself in window

Angry Cardinal attacked himself


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