Back in '99


I remember when,

Back in '99.

When freeways weren't so free,

And we used gasoline, you see


It was fast and cheaper,

To use cash to buy.

We bought, with or without it,

And quickly turned treasure to trash.


We lived in fear of floods and tornadoes,

Global warming, and ozone holes.

Arthritis and arterial sclerosis,

AIDS, and lung cancer, took heavy tolls.


We talked a lot,

By cellular phone.

And emailed messages,

To nobody home.


Our heroes were arrogant physical freaks.

Leading us by expensive example

By wearing their stuff in public,

Their fame we could sample.


Wars were called, "police actions,"

Tidying up boundary lines.

Terrorism knew no rules,

Just like the ubiquitous land mines.


We worried about our weight.

Took pills by the score.

No plastic surgery yet invented,

Could close death's door.


Wild gorillas, tigers, and elephants,

Still roamed upon the land.

But more lived their lives,

By their captors' hand.


They lined up for a Shuttle flight,

Regardless of their fate.

As if a trip to outer space,

Would lead to Heaven's Gate.


Those were the times, those ‘99s,

When we were so young and innocent.

If we knew then what we know now,

We wouldn't have been so complacent.


But we were caught up,

Like chaff in the wind.

We couldn't see what was coming,

We just drifted to the end.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull 




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