Autumn on My Mind

This time of year, there comes a time,

When I travel in my mind. 

To a place so far, but kind.

A magic place where I can find.

A hint of winter in the air,

A time for the living to prepare.

For deer it's time to rut.

For the squirrel, time to bury the nut.

For me, it's time to think,

Suspended at the brink.

A time to forget the daily grind,

A time to clear your inner mind.

High on a hill, time stands still,

A sun warm soul in the still, cool air.

To breathe in the color against the blue sky.

To marvel the complexity of the summer gone by.

To smell the smoke of a distant signal fire.

And the musty leaves of the last day's lyre.

On a green grass slope, my love at my side

Drinking in life, we will abide.

Until the sun slants deep in the valley,

And we must retreat the chill air to rally.

Once again around the hearth fire.

With food and spirits we celebrate the late hour.

That comes freely with the autumn's flower.

Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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