Autumn Color

Autumn come, color my view. 

Change my oak leaves’ color from green to new.  

Yellow gold or scarlet, whatever the hue,

Naturally chosen to be true. 

Paintbrushes of masters in every touch,

Subtle and soft the canvass is much. 

The work is like magic as it spreads through the land.  

Swiftly and silently it transforms green to grand.  

Landscapes so colored and strikingly set,

That subtlety change with light and the wet.  

To die, fall, and float on waters transparent,

Reflecting the sky in a moving apparent. 

Mosaic of gentle surface patterns grow,

Covering with a deep carpet below. 

Colors and softness take the edge off of time,

Autumn's great glory is its colors of rhyme.  

Seen to be savored on a warm fall day,

Before the winds of winter blow them away.  

So savor those colors in your mind's eye,

So even the gray walls of prison won't let them pass by.  

Picture them in your mind and let them show through,

The colors of autumn nature prepares for you.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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