Atrocity of War

War began with a feud,
in the distant, unrecorded past.

War always begins with a feud,
as soon as the first death is cast.

Leaving a self fulfilling promise,
that this death will not be the last.

Throwing down the gauntlet,
and raising the flag's mast.

It's off to war we go,
and we know the die is cast.

It doesn't make any difference,
which side you're on in war.

You have a license to kill anyone,
who crosses your path before.

You finish with your mission,
and count up the ghastly score.

Mano to mano was the way it was,
but weapons of war demanded more.

Depth charges pound the men beneath,
may the creeps all drown in the deep.

A flamethrower seeks out a hiding hole,
roasts gooks alive so widows will weep.

A deadly gas floats across the land,
kills indiscriminately those on hand.

A mine lays awaiting to rack up a kill,
only to take a woman or child’s will.

A predator seeks out a target in a crowd,
the wails of the innocent cry out loud.

A nuclear bomb, when dropped in revenge,
can cause the planet, to come unhinged.

War is remote, war is unfair,
we are all collateral damage,
when war's in the air.

Burning Foe Alive

While some practices have
been banned, war remains
an arena where killing with cruelty
and killing the innocent is
still allowed.  Current, remote
warfare compounds the


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