Sudden shock, burst of flame. 
Bodies flying, bloody rain. 

Wails of living and dying,
Fill the space. 

Of the stun brained,
Human race. 

Smoke, dust, mangled gore,
Vaguely resembles just before.

Bloody body parts still intact,
Rush to hospital, put them back. 

But will they ever be the same,
After feeling the bloody rain?

Who would do such a thing?
Those who fear the despots’ reign?

Only those with minds turned cold,
Would be so ignorant, so bold.
To unleash an atrocity like this,
On the innocent flock in fold.

Boy holds Spanish flag in mourning for those in train blast.

AP Photo

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


Body part lies with bodies from Spanish train bombing

Reurtes Photo


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