A Tinge of Blue


My view is variegated green, with just a tinge of blue.

Like the outline of an idea, forming in milieu.

Coloring my life in phases, coming into view.

Leaving thoughts like traces, lost in the hue.

Like an athlete’s hone of muscle.

Seeking to refine.

The answers form slowly.

Like the ripening of a wine.

In dusty bottles that lay long forgotten.

And then, bubble to the top.

To be savored until rotten.

Long before you stop.

What is gained and what is lost.

As these colors come to view?

I know not the answers,

But, the colors ring true.

My love is all hot reds and oranges, with just a tinge of blue.

And when you’re not with me, just a tinge of you.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull



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