A Thousand Years

Twice, a thousand years has come and gone,

Since the counting started, time marches on.  

It is but an infinitesimal slice of time, a human scale surreal, sublime.

In galactic scale, a flick of thought not worth the time.

It takes to blink an eye, or change the color of a sky.

What makes a millennium important?  We know not why. 

We only know that for us, it's a long, long way.

Making numbers with three zeros seems significant today.

We cannot remember the distant past, history tells us the mistakes we cast.

Upon the waters of our earth, for what it teaches, for what it's worth.

What will we do in the next thousand years?  

How can we proceed, and face our fears?

We can only forge on and learn from our mistakes.

Survival is built in us, whatever it takes.

You may see apocalyptic tales of woe.

I see new freedom, wherever we go.

So, march onward, into the next thousand years.

Marvel at the wonders to come, and allay your fears.

The best is yet to come.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull




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