Where My Ass Sits  (Profanity)

From where my ass sits, I can feel the bottom.
It was a long time coming, like something rotten.
Stinking high heaven, while some got in high cotton.

My ass sits on a cushion of inflated dreams.
To wipe the stink from it will take a roll of reams.
It seems the more we sow, the crookeder the seams.

From where my ass sits, the sky was the limit.
Riding on a roller coaster with me belted in it.
But ups and downs can really bruise the bullet.

From where my ass sits, it rarely rains.
Right around the corner, from where I keep my brains.
When my ass sits get too full, they drains.

From where my ass sits, I feel your pain.
Like when you lost your ship, the mighty main.
Easy come, easy go, my ship looks like a seine.

My ass sits on a flying carpet to nowhere.
And I ain't going flying know how, no way.
So if you see my ass sits, don't dare touch ‘em.

Cause all you gonna get is bottom!

Where My Ass Sits

I'm fine on a fixed income..
Couldn't resist the word play.


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