The artistry of imagery is difficult to define,
it stems from the heart of the matter,
and percolates in the mind.

A thin line drawn, the simplest of forms,
outlines an image the brain beholds.
communicates meaning to others afar,
across time and space its meaning unfolds.

A handprint in ocher, blood or mud,
hardens with time and hails the aware.
That, "I was here... My mark is clear."

Herds of extinct animals charge across a wall,
come charging down from the ancients,
marking this hunter's hallowed hall.

Jewelry, carvings, amulets and idols,
scattered across the burial site.
Once found digging, a diggers' delight.

Statuary carved from strong sinewy stone,
stands through the ages, some origin unknown.
A sorrow arises when hatred has them blown.

Mosaics created colored stone by stone,
Grace floors and walls of wealth now known.

Buried beneath ash, flood, mud or rubble,
discovered at last when one takes the trouble.

Colored threads woven with great skill,
with intricately designed weave and warp,
clothe the body to cover the thrill,
signify tribe and deck the hall's harp.

Charcoal on parchment bringing realism to light,
from design, faces, landscapes in black and white.
Ancient hieroglyphics and languages yet unknown,
Grace papyrus, animal skin, bark, and stone.

A mixture of oils and colors of old,
applied with a brush to make statements bold.
On walls or canvases stretched very tight.
Down through the ages the colors still bright.

Engineering and architecture drawn with great skill,
create edifices and monuments with artistry that still,
encourages others to build larger and higher,
the Earth is our canvas and outer space is our lyre.

Abstract encourages a range of interpretation.
To try to describe one comes with trepidation.
But who can deny that abstract has a place,
both in satire and encouraging the human race.

We've all seen their handwriting on the walls,
the tomfoolery, the protest, the clarion calls.
Kids play with crayons and color with abandon.
Adults fill spaces carefully avoiding being random.

Cgi, fractal, 3-D printing, and other digital art,
the Photoshopped PowerPoints of prurient point.

The cartoon caricature of a roving real life,
through images YouTubed of real-time strife.

Who is to say where artistry will end?
As technology moves art to what's around the bend.

Cave of Hannds - Argentina

Cave of Hands - Argentina

Recently, Odin Roark suggested that the arts did
not get enough credit for their contribution to
society. This is a small effort in that direction.

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