Arctic Express

Just in time for Christmas,
not one hour too late,
the Arctic Express,
arrived at the Lower 48.

From San Diego to Miami,
McAllen and New Orleans,
cold snapped its fingers,
and nipped the ears' lobes.

Snow was falling in Laredo,
and in Mobile, too,
hadn't seen snow like that,
in Galveston, since 1902.

The children were delighted,
bundling up while still inside,
headed for the nearest hillside,
cardboard box for to slide.

All across the US South,
fireplaces were now burning.
Leaving children everywhere,
wondering if Santa needed warning?

There were snowball fights,
and snowmen everywhere you looked.
Skating on the Bayou required only shoes,
slipping and falling just to amuse.

Cold, tired and happy,
rosy cheeked children came on in,
after warm milk and cookies,
to sleep the dreams of when.

Candy castles covered the land,
princes and princesses to delight,
filling the heads of sleepy ones,
all through the long cold night.

Awakening to find Santa,
had arrived on the scene,
bringing little boys and girls,
what they only had dreamed.

A very white Christmas,
across the entire land,
the Arctic Express was more,
much better than anything planned.

Cardboard Sliding

Cardboard Sliding ©

We worry about cold fronts this time of the year,
but when they bring snow, little children always cheer.

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