A Place

When I look for a place of peace,
I look to nature for release.

For man can make towers high,
that scrape the clouds and catch the eye.

But all these wonders we make or buy,
do not compare with simple sea and sky.

Why do we flock to the beach?
Why do we climb mountains out of reach?

To find the peace that nature provides,
to escape the stress and emotion that resides.

In all the obstructions we put in our way.
Corralling conveniences that hold us in sway.

The very things that make our life easy,
also give stress and make us feel queasy.

For all of the dangers that nature provides,
vanish in an instant with peace on all sides.

When we escape to that place we all know so well,
that garden of Eden that birthed us, heavenly hell.

Where death could come easily from basic needs,
and the struggle was harsh, everything bleeds.

But oh, the peace, the stress release to be found,
back in the arms of the seasons come round.

To know our beginnings and all that we are,
to gaze at the sunset and then spy a star.

To feel nature's wrath as well as its cure,
to drink from its waters and know they are pure.

All we ask is a place left under the sun,
where we can play free and can still run.

For without mother nature and without our birth,
there will no longer be a place for us on this earth.

Lady Bugs on a Dew Laden Blade of Grass

Myrtle Beach Sunrise 3/15/15 © Timothy W. Hull

In the name of progress, we are fooling
with Mother Nature way too much 
these days.  Be careful what you buy
and more careful about throwing it away.

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